B names, Chinese, Emotion/Feelings, Female, Joy, Male, Nature, Unisex, Virtues/Attributes


Baoyuan is a Chinese unisex name made up of bao:

  • bao  “treasure, jewel, precious, rare”;
  • bao 褒 “praise, honor; to commend”;
  • bao 苞 “bud; flower calyx; luxuriant; profuse”
  • bao 保 “to ensure, to protect, to keep”


  • “first, primary; head, chief; Yuan dynasty; dollar”
  • 玉 yu “jade; precious stone” + an 安 “calm, peaceful, content; tranquil, quiet”;
  •  yu “happy, pleased, delightful” + an  “calm, peaceful, content; tranquil, quiet”;
  •  yu “rain” + an 安 “calm, peaceful, content; tranquil, quiet”

There are other meanings depending on the Chinese characters used.

Origin: Chinese



  • Bao-Yuan
  • Bao-yuan


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