Yanyu is a Chinese unisex name with a variety of meanings depending on the Cinese characters used:

  • yan  “to prolong, to stretch, to extend; to delay” + yu  “to meet, to come across; to encounter”; *used for boys only
  • yan 烟 “smoke; mist” + yu  (rain), meaning “misty rain” *girls only
  • yan  “swallow (bird) + yu  “jade” meaning “swallow jade”; *used for girls only
  • yan  “swallow (bird) + yu feather, plume” *girls only

Other possible meanings for yan include:

  • yán cliff, rock;
  • 研 yán research; study; grind; research;
  • 艳 yàn “beautiful, gorgeous”;
  • yàn “elegant; accomplished; learned”


  • 愉 yú “happy, pleased, delightful”

Origin: Chinese



  • Yan-Yu
  • Yan-yu


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