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Norman is a male given name which comes from an English surname, a byname originally given to those who came from Scandinavia or had Scandinavian ancestry. It means “northman”. It was also eventually used to describe someone who came from Normandy, France. As a Dutch surname, it was an ethnic name for a Norwegian or someone who has Norwegian descent, as a Jewish (Ashkenazic) surname, it’s a variant form of Nordman, a variant spelling of Nordmann, a German and Jewish surname meaning “north man”, used to refer to someone who came from the northern part of a village or settlement. Norman is also used to refer to a Romance language closely related to the French language.

Nicknames: Norm

Origin: Proto-Indo-European



  • Normann (English, Norwegian, Swedish, Icelandic, Danish)
  • Normand (English)


Female forms:

  • Norma (English, Italian)
  • Normina (English)
  • Normanna (English)
  • Normana (English)



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