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Aurelian is a variant of Aurelianus, an Ancient Roman cognomen which derives from Aurelius meaning “golden, gold” via Latin aurum (gold) derived from a PIE root word. Aurelian is also an archaic word for a lepidopterist, someone who studies butterflies and moths; I would love to know how that came about.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European



  • Aurelius (Ancient Roman)
  • Aurelio (Italian, Spanish)
  • Aurélio (Portuguese)
  • Aurèle (French)
  • Aurel (German, Romanian, Czech, Slovak)
  • Aurél (Hungarian)
  • Aurelijus (Lithuanian)
  • Aureliusz (Polish)


Female forms:

  • Aurelia (Ancient Roman, Italian, Spanish, Romanian, Polish)
  • Aurélie (French)
  • Aurélia (Hungarian)
  • Aurelija (Lithuanian)
  • Oralee (possibly an English form of Aurélie)
  • Oralie (possibly an English form of Aurélie)



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