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Antar (عنتر) is an Arabic male name meaning “brave, courageous” and “bold”, though it’s also a Persian word meaning “baboon”. Antarah is a variant of the name and is the name of a pre-Islamic Arab knight and poet whose father was a respected warrior of the Banu Abs, an ancient Bedouin tribe, and whose mother was a former princess captured during a raid and made a slave. Antarah himself was also a slave and hopelessly in love with his cousin, Abla, but had no hope because of his status. He earned his freedom after another tribe invaded and he fought courageously in battle, but he had to go through several challenges before he could marry Abla. Antar is also an Arabic surname originating from the given name.

Antar could also be a variant of Antares, the name of a red giant star in the Scorpius constellation (as well as its brightest star) which comes from Ancient Greek meaning “rival of Ares“, so named because of its resemblance to the planet Mars (Mars also being the Roman counterpart of Ares).

Origin: Arabic, Proto-Indo-European



  • Antarah (Arabic)
  • Antara (Arabic)
  • Antares (Ancient Greek)


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