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Tamlin (or Tam Lin) is the name of a Scottish ballad, the shortened version of which is that a woman falls in love with a man who was abducted by the Queen of the Fairies. He tells her that the only way to save him is to pull him off a white horse and hold on to him tightly even though the other fairies will try to force her to let him loose by changing him into various forms of animals. When he is turned into a burning coal she has to throw him into a well and when he turns back into a man she must hide him, and only than will she be able to win him back from the Queen of the Fairies. As for the name itself, Tamlin is a diminutive form of Thomas which comes from Aramaic meaning “twin”.

Although traditionally a male name, it could also be used as a female name, perhaps a blending of Tamara and Linda or Lyn.

Origin: Aramaic



  • Tam Lin
  • Tam Lyn
  • Tamlyn
  • Tamlane
  • Tomlin



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