Deandra is an English female name, either a combination of Dean (an English male name with various meanings of “valley”, or “dean”, referring to a person who was a dean or someone who worked for one, referring to an ecclesialtical head of a cathedral. It’s derived from Latin decanus meaning “chief of ten” in reference to someone who was in charge of ten people), or its feminine form Deanna, combined with Sandraa shortened form of Alexandra/Alessandrathe feminine form of Alexander meaning “defender of man” or “defending men”. It’s also possible that the first part of the name could be made up from Diana, the name of the Roman goddess of the hunt, moon, forests, and childbirth, making her the Roman counterpart of Greek goddess Artemis. Though the name is of uncertain origin and meaning, it’s been linked to the PIE *deywós (god), a derivative of root *dyew- (bright; sky, heaven).

Origin: Proto-Indo-European



  • Diandra (English)


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