Ela is a female given name with several possible etymologies:

  • Ela is a Turkish female name which comes from the word meaning “hazel” as in the color;
  • Ela is also a Polish diminutive of Elżbietathe Polish form of Elizabeth which comes from Hebrew meaning “my God is an oath” or “my God is abundance”;
  • it’s also possible that it’s a variant spelling of Ella which comes from Germanic element alja meaning “other, another, foreign”;
  • it could be a short form of names such as Daniela (the feminine form of Daniel meaning “God is my judge”), Gabriela (feminine form of Gabriel meaning “God is my strong man” or “God is my strength”),or Manuela (the feminine form of Manuel meaning “God is with us”), or any names ending in -ela;
  • Ela is also a modern Hebrew female form of Elah which means “terebinth tree, oak tree”;
  • Ela was also used in medieval England, either derived from Proto-Germanic *allaz meaning “all, whole, everything” from Latin alia, or used as a shortened form of Eleanor, an Old French form of Occitan Aliénor which could mean “the other Aenor” from Latin alia meaning “another” and the given name Aenor, possibly a Germanic name of unknown meaning, though it’s been linked to Adenorde or Adenor, made up of Germanic elements adal (noble) and nord (north), or even as a contracted form of Azenor, a Breton name of uncertain meaning and etymology though it could also be derived from Breton enor “honor”It’s also like that Eleanor was derived from Helenan Ancient Greek name of uncertain etymology though it’s been linked to Greek helene meaning “torch” or “corposant”, though it might also be linked to selene meaning “moon ”;
  • Ela is also an Indian female name derived from Sanskrit elā एला meaning “cardamom” via Proto-Dravidian *ēla (cardamom plant);
  • it’s also a Galician, Portuguese, and Occitan word meaning “she” as well as a Macedonian word meaning “fir (tree)” eла;
  • Ela is also a surname but I couldn’t find anything specific behind its meaning and origin.

Origin: Turkish, Hebrew, Proto-Indo-European, Ancient Greek, Proto-Dravidian



  • Ella (English, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish)
  • Alia (Ancient Germanic form of Ella)


Male forms:

  • Elah (Hebrew)


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  1. In Polish, Ela is definitely most known and most popular as a nickname for Elżbieta, and this is a sort of default nickname for this name that most people would use almost automatically, however I’ve also heard about quite a few cases where Ela was used as a nickname for other names, either beginning with El, or ending with -ela, or even of Helena. I like the sound of Ela, though I dislike the sort of granny/older auntie feel it seems to have here, it’s such a melodious and lovely name, and could have so many youthful charm, and I like it’s simplicity. I think that as now Ella is on the rise in so many countries, it would e cool to see Ela rising in Poland as a name of its own.


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