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Luca is the Italian and Romanian form of Luke, the English form of Greek Loukas meaning “from Lucania”, the name of a region in southern Italy. Though the name is of uncertain meaning, Lucania could be related to Greek leukos “white”, “light, bright, shining”, a cognate of Latin lux “light”. It could also be derived from the Latin word lucus (a cognate of lucere “shining, bright”) meaning “sacred wood” or Greek lykos meaning “wolf”. Luca (pr. loo-tsa; Forvo) is also the Hungarian and Croatian feminine form of Luciaitself the feminine form of Lucius which is an Ancient Roman praenomen meaning “light” from Latin lux (light) derived from a PIE root word *lewk– (light, bright; white). Luca is also a surname originating from the given name.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European



  • Luka (Croatian, Serbian, Slovene, Macedonian, Russian, Georgian, Old Church Slavic)
  • Luke (English)
  • Lukas (German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Lithuanian)
  • Lucas (English, Dutch, French Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian)


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