Jocelyn was originally used as a male name but in the modern era it’s become more popular as a girl’s name, although in France Jocelyn is purely a male given name (Jocelyne being the feminine form of the name). It originated from the name of a Germanic tribe called the Gauts, also known as the Gautzelin, meaning “little Goth” made up from Gaut (Goth) and a diminutive suffix; the former is derived from a Proto-Germanic root word *gautaz (Geat) likely from Proto-Germanic *geutaną (to pour) derived from a PIE root word. The name eventually became Goscelin and Gozelin in Norman French and than Jocelyn. It’s also possible that it derives from Josse, an Old French form of Latin Iudocus which comes from Breton Judoc meaning “little lord” via Breton iudh (lord, chief, king) with the diminutive suffix -an; the name Joyce derives from it. It later became associated with the Middle English word joise meaning “to rejoice”.

Jocelyn is also an English surname.

Nicknames: Joss, Josie

Origin: Proto-Indo-European



  • Joselyn (English)
  • Joslyn (English)
  • Josslyn (English)
  • Joslin (English)
  • Josslin (English)
  • Jocelin (English)
  • Josceline (English, French)
  • Joceline (French)
  • Jocelyne (French, English)
  • Josseline (French)
  • Yoselin (Latin American Spanish)


Male forms:

  • Jocelin (French)
  • Josselin (French)
  • Joscelin (Old Norman))
  • Gosse (Medieval French)
  • Gozzo (Ancient Germanic)
  • Gautselin (Ancient Germanic)


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  1. I like Jocelyn because I tend to like names ending in -lyn, but at the same time I usually tend to prefer traditional and more classic names, and most of the -lyn names are modern inventions. While Jocelyn is more traditional, and sounding modern at the same time and is not overly artificial. And I think the “little Goth” meaning is nice.


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