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Ulrich is a German male name, from Old High German Odalric made up from Germanic elements odal (heritage, inheritance) and ric (power) essentially meaning “wealthy, prosperous ruler”. Ulrich is also a German surname originating from the given name.

Nicknames (Male): Ulli (German), Utz (German), Ueli (Swiss German); (Female): Ulla (German, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish)

Origin: Proto-Indo-European

RGBA for C:clientsMaslow Six entertainmentsketcheshighbrace_lightup.tif


  • Ulrik (Danish, Swedish, Norwegian)
  • Ulric (English)
  • Odalric (Ancient Germanic)
  • Odalrik (Old High German)
  • Oldrich (Slovak)
  • Oldřich (Czech)
  • Urh (Slovene)
  • Utdlarik (Greenlandic)
  • Ullarik (Greenlandic)
  • Óðalríkr (Old Norse)


Female forms:

  • Ulrike (German)
  • Ulrika (Swedish)
  • Ulrica (Swedish, Portuguese, Spanish)
  • Utdloríka (Greenlandic)


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