Aziza is an Arabic female name, the feminine form of Aziz meaning “powerful, strong; mighty; precious; beloved, darling, dear”. I’ve also seen Aziza listed as being the name of a type of supernatural creature in African mythology, a type of fairy which are supposedly benevolent. I couldn’t find an origin behind the name, whether it has African roots or was borrowed from the Arabic name.

Origin: Arabic



  • Azeeza (Arabic)
  • Azizah (Arabic, Malay, Indonesian)


Male forms:

  • ‘Aziz (Arabic)
  • Aziz (Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Uzbek, Turkish)
  • Eziz (Turkmen)
  • Azeez (Arabic)
  • Abdul Aziz (Arabic)
  • Abdulaziz (Arabic)
  • Abdul-Aziz (Arabic)


Aziza -عزيزة (Arabic)

Aziz- عزيز (Arabic, Persian, Urdu)


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