Lois is a female given name of uncertain origin. It was the name of the grandmother of Timothy, a disciple of St. Paul who wrote two epistles to him. A possible meaning attributed to the name is from Ancient Greek loion meaning “more desirable, agreeable”. However, according to this site it’s also possible that the name may be derived from Hebrew layish ליש meaning “lion” or (more interestingly though perhaps more of a fanciful imagination than actual fact) a combination of lo לא (not; no) and ish איש (husband), literally meaning “without husband”. Lois, also spelled Loïs, is a French and Galician male name, a variant of Louis which ultimately comes from Germanic Ludwig meaning “famous battle”  or “famous in battle” from Germanic elements hlud (famous) and wig (war, battle), both of which derive from a PIE origin. Lois is also a Portuguese and Galician surname originating from he given name.

Origin: Hebrew, Proto-Indo-European


Female forms:

  • Loida (Spanish)


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