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Hind (pr. hend; Forvo) is an Arabic female name which means “group of camels”, referring to a number that is more than one or two hundred. Hind is also the Arabic name for India which comes from Sanskrit Sindhu meaning “river, stream; flood, waters; sea, ocean” via Proto-Indo-Iranian *síndʰuš (river, stream). Hind (pr. haynd; Forvo) is also an English word- as a noun it refers to a female deer, especially a red deer, from Proto-Germanic *hindiz, hindo (doe; hind) via a PIE root word *ḱem- (hornless), and as an adjective it refers to something at the rear or the back of an animal. In Greek mythology, the Golden Hind was a deer with golden antlers and a sacred animal to Artemisits capture was also one of the Twelve Labors of Hercules.

Hind is also an English surname, originating as a nickname for someone who was timid and gentle; it comes from Old English hind meaning “female deer”. It may also be a variant form of Hine meaning “lad”, “servant”, an occupational name name for a servant or a laborer.

Origin: Arabic, Proto-Indo-Iranian, Proto-Indo-European



  • Hend (Arabic)


Hind, Hend- هند (Arabic)



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