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Sufyan is an Arabic male name of uncertain meaning though several possible ones have been attached to it. It could mean “light, nimble” or “fast-moving” possibly derived from a Persian source; it could be derived from Arabic ṣafā صَفَا (to be pure, be clear, be serene) or ṣūf صُوف meaning “wool” which comes from the same root word as Sufi, referring to someone who practiced Sufism, a denomination in Islam that focuses on mysticism, but it doesn’t seem likely that the name derives from this source since it predates the religion. I’ve also seen another possible meaning for it meaning “comes with a sword”.

Origin: Arabic, possibly Persian




  • Sufian (Arabic)
  • Sufiyan (Arabic)
  • Sufijan (Arabic)
  • Sofiane (Maghrebi Arabic)
  • Soufiane (Maghrebi Arabic)
  • Sofian (Maghrebi Arabic, Indonesian, Malay)
  • Sofiene (Maghrebi Arabic, Tunisian)
  • Sofien (Maghrebi Arabic, Tunisian)


Sufyan- سفيان (Arabic, Urdu)

Sufyan- सुफीयान (Hindu)



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