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Ymir is the name of a giant in Norse mythology, the ancestor of all the giants, and the grandfather of Odin, Ve, and Vili, who later killed him and used his corpse to create the world- his blood was used to create the seas and lakes, his bones became mountains and boulders and stones; the trees were made from his hair and the clouds from his brains.The maggots from his flesh became dwarves and Ymir’s skull was raised to the sky with a dwarf at each four corners to hold it up; his eyebrows made up Midgard, the realm of man.

The name seems to be derived from Proto-Germanic *umijaz or *jumijaz meaning “twin” or “hermaphrodite” derived from a PIE root word, or from Old Norse ymja meaning “to whine, to cry”.

Origin: Proto-Germanic



  • Ýmir (Icelandic)
  • Ymer (Swedish, Norwegian, Danish)


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