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Lark is the name of a type of a small passerine bird. It comes from Old English lāwerce (lark) via Proto-Germanic *laiwarikǭ (lark) which derives from an unknown origin. Lark is also a word in English meaning “romp, frolic, carefree fun” as a noun and “to behave mischievously; play pranks; to have fun” as a verb, which also derives from an uncertain origin. Lark is also an English surname, either originating as a nickname for someone who was an early riser or who was a merry, frolicsome person; as an occupational name it could have been given to someone who sold lark; or it could have derived from Larkin, a medieval diminutive of Laurence.

Larks have also been used to symbolize daybreak and lovers.

Origin: Proto-Germanic



  • Larke (English)
  • Lærke (Danish)


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