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Eva is the Latinate form of Eve which comes from Ancient Greek Eúa via Hebrew hawwah meaning “to breathe” or “to live”. Eva is also a variant transcription of Yeva, the Russian and Armenian form of Eve; it’s also been used as an anglicized form of Aoife, an Irish female name meaning “beauty, radiant”.

Origin: Hebrew



  • Eve (English)
  • Hawa (Arabic)
  • Eua (Biblical Greek)
  • Yeva (Armenian, Russian)
  • Chawwah (Biblical Hebrew)
  • Chava (Hebrew)
  • Hava (Modern Hebrew)
  • Khava (Chechen, Ingush)
  • Evi (Modern Greek, Dutch, German)
  • Eeva (Finnish)
  • Eevi (Finnish)
  • Ève (French)
  • Éva (Hungarian)
  • Évike (Hungarian diminutive of Éva)
  • Éabha (Irish)
  • Ieva (Lithuanian, Latvian)
  • Ewa (Polish)
  • Evelia (Spanish)
  • Evita (Spanish diminutive of Eva)
  • Havva (Turkish)
  • Efa (Welsh)



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