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Sidney comes from an English surname meaning “wide island” made up from Old English elements sidan (wide) and eg (island). It’s also possible that it comes from the name of a town in Normandy, France, St. Denis, Denis being the medieval French form of Dennis, the English form of Dionysius. Although the etymology of his name isn’t quite clear-cut, the first part of the name, Dio-, means “of Zeus” though it could also be related to Proto-Indo-European *dyews meaning “sky, heaven, god” and “shining”. The second part -nysus might be derived from Nysa, the name of a mountain in which Dionysios was raised by the nymphs who lived there; the name might be related to an archaic Greek word meaning “tree”.

Nicknames: Sid

Origin: Proto-Indo-European, Ancient Greek



  • Sydney (English)
  • Sydnee (English)
  • Sydnie (English)
  • Sydne (English)
  • Cydney (English)



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