Violetta is the Italian, Russian, and Hungarian form of Violetthe name of a flower and a color. It comes from Old French violette via Latin viola meaning “violet” which is related to Ancient Greek íon (violet) which seems to be derived from a pre-Indo-European Mediterranean source.

Nicknames: Letta, Violet

Origin: Ancient Greek



  • Violett (English, Swedish, German)
  • Violette (French)
  • Viola (Latin, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, German, Hungarian, Czech, English)
  • Violeta (Romanian, Spanish, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Serbian)
  • Wiola (Polish)
  • Wioleta (Polish)
  • Wioletta (Polish)
  • Viorica (Romanian)
  • Ibolya (Hungarian)
  • Yolanda (Spanish, English)
  • Violante (Italian, Late Roman)


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