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Leith comes from Middle Welsh seith meaning “seven” which comes from Proto-Brythonic *seiθ (seven) via Proto-Celtic *sextam (seven) derived from PIE root word *septḿ̥ (seven). The modern Welsh word is saith though as far as I know neither has ever been used as a given name name. Seith has also been used as an anglicized form of seiðran Old Norse word meaning “witchcraft, sorcery” via Proto-Germanic *saidaz (magic, charm) derived from PIE root word *seyt- (magic). Seiðr was a type of sorcery practiced in Norse religion and was associated with the Norse deities Odin and Freya.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European



  • Saith (Middle Welsh)
  • Sayth (English)


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