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Cornelius is an Ancient Roman family name of uncertain etymology though often associated with Latin cornu meaning “horn” which ultimately derives from PIE root word *ḱerh₂- (horn; head, top) though it’s also possible that it derives from root *ḱer- (to grow, to nourish). Cornelius is also a surname originating from the given name.

Nicknames: Corey, Neal/Neil

Origin: Proto-Indo-European



  • Cornelis (Dutch)
  • Kerneels (South African Dutch form of Cornelius)
  • Kornel (Polish, Czech, Slovak)
  • Kornél (Hungarian)
  • Corneille (French)
  • Korneli (Georgian)
  • Cornelio (Italian, Spanish)
  • Cornélio (Portuguese)
  • Cornel (Romanian)
  • Corneliu (Romanian)


Female forms:

  • Cornelia (Ancient Roman, English, German, Romanian, Italian, Dutch)
  • Kornelia (German, Polish)
  • Kornelija (Croatian, Serbian)
  • Kornélia (Hungarian, Slovak)
  • Kornélie (Czech)
  • Cornélie (French)


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