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Belphebe is a variant spelling of Belphoebe, which was first created by English poet Edmund Spenser for his epic poem The Faerie Queen, an allegorical work celebrating the rule of Queen Elizabeth I; Spenser intended her to represent Queen Elizabeth. The name is a combination of belle, a French word and name meaning “beautiful” and Phoebe, a Greek feminine name meaning “bright, pure, radiant”; however, it’s also possible that the name derives from a word pertaining to prophecy or prophet which would make sense since the Titan Phoebe was associated with the Delphic oracles, as well as the moon. So the name essentially meaning “beautiful Phoebe” or “beautiful Diana” since Phoebe was also used as an epithet to the Roman goddess of the moon and hunt, Diana, the Roman counterpart to the Greek goddess Artemis.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European



  • Belphoebe (English)


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