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Neela is an Indian female name, a variant transcription of Nila meaning “blue, azure” from Sanskri नीला nila which derives from a Proto-Indo-Iranian root word. Neela is the name of a goddess in Hindu mythology as well as the name of a male character in the Ramayana (spelled Nila), an epic poem of ancient India. Nila also seems to be a Persian or Arabic female name derived from Sanskrit nila.

It’s also possible that Neela is a variant spelling of Neila, the feminine form of Neil, the anglicized form of Gaelic Niall, a name of uncertain meaning though possibly meaning “champion” or “cloud”.

Origin: Proto-Indo-Iranian



  • Nila (Indian, Hindi, Tamil)
  • Nilam (Indian, Hindi, Marathi)- means “sapphire”
  • Neelam (Indian, Hindi, Marathi)
  • Nilima (Indian, Hindi, Marathi, Telugu)
  • Neelima (Indian, Hindi, Marathi, Telugu)
  • Neila (English)
  • Neala (English)


Male forms:

  • Nilam (Indian, Hindi, Marathi)
  • Neelam (Indian, Hindi, Marathi)
  • Neil (Irish, Scottish, English)
  • Neal (English)


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