Tori is often used as a nickname for Victoria, the feminine form of Victor meaning “victor, victory” via Latin victor (victor, conqueror) which derives from a PIE root word. In Roman mythology, Victoria is the name of the Roman goddess of victory (the Roman counterpart of Nike). Tori 鳥 is also a Japanese word meaning “bird; chicken”, as well as also being the name of several islands in Japan. Tori (also spelled Touri) is also a Japanese unisex name with a variety of meanings depending on the kanji used:

  • tō, tou 冬 “winter”;
  • tō, tou  “lamp; light”;
  • tō, tou  “peach”;
  • tō, tou 東 “east”;


  • ri  “plum”;
  • ri 梨 “pear”;
  • ri, rei, rai 莉 “jasmine”;
  • ri  “village”;
  • ri 璃 “glassy; lapis lazuli”;
  • ri 理 “logic; arrangement; reason; justice; truth”

Written in hiragana it’s とうり. Tori is also a Latin word, the plural form of torus meaning “swelling, protuberance; cushion, bed, couch;”; tori is a Finnish word meaning “market (square), town square”

Origin: Proto-Indo-European, Japanese



  • Tory (English)
  • Touri (Japanese)


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