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Artyom is a Russian male name, the Russian form of Artemios, an Ancient Greek male name derived from the Greek goddess of the hunt and wild animals, Artemis. The name is of uncertain etymology and meaning with some sources citing it as pre-Greek. It could possibly be related to Persian *arte or *arta meaning “great, excellent, holy” or from Greek árktos meaning “bear” since she did have a link to bears. The name has also been associated withGreek artemes “safe”, artamos “butcher”, artios “perfect, complete”.

Origin: Persian, Proto-Indo-European



  • Artemiy (Russian)
  • Artem (Ukrainian, Russian, Belarusian)
  • Artemas (English)
  • Artemis (Ancient Greek)
  • Artemus (English)
  • Artemio (Spanish, Italian)
  • Artemios (Ancient Greek)
  • Artemius (Latinized Ancient Greek)
  • Artemisios (Ancient Greek)
  • Artemidorus (Ancient Greek)
  • Artemidoros (Ancient Greek)
  • Artjoms (Latvian)


Female forms:

  • Artemis (Ancient Greek)
  • Artemisia (Ancient Greek, English)
  • Artemisa (Romanian)


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