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Dina is an Arabic female name, the feminine form of Deen/Dīn meaning “religion, creed” though it also means “debt, loan”, “duty, obligation, law” and “judgement, ruling”; it seems to be derived from a Proto-Semitic root word in reference to a legal sense (obligated conduct; decisions of morality or ethics, judgement, decree, ruling), and is a cognate with several ancient languages such as Aramaic, Akkadian, and Avestan.

Dina is also a variant of Dinah meaning “judged” or “vindicated”, deriving form the root word above.

Dina is also an Italian and Portuguese name, a shortened form of names ending in -dina such as Bernardina (the Italian feminine form of Bernardo, the Italian form of Bernard meaning “brave bear” or “hardy bear”), Ondina (the Italian and Portuguese form of Undine which comes from Latin unda meaning “wave”), or any names ending in -dina.

Origin: Proto-Semitic, Proto-Indo-European



  • Dinah (Hebrew, English)
  • Deena (English, Arabic)


Male forms:

  • Deen (Arabic)
  • Din (Arabic, Hebrew)
  • Dín (Arabic)
  • Dean (English, Arabic)


Dina- دينا (Arabic)


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