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Eldrid is a Norwegian female name, the modern form of Old Norse, possibly derived from Old Norse elements eldr (fire) and fríðr (beautiful). Eldrid is also an English male name which comes from Old English Æðelþryð meaning “noble strength” made up from Old English elements Æðel (noble) and þryð (strength).It’s also possible that it’s an Old Norse form of Eldrit, a Frankish form of Hildifrid meaning “battle peace” via elements hildr (battle, fight) and frid (peace).

As an English surname, Eldrid could be a variant spelling of Eldred which comes from an Old English name Aldred meaning “old counsel” though it could also be derived from a locational name for someone who lived near an alder tree.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European


Female forms

  • Eldríðr (Old Norse)


  • Male forms:
  • Eldred (English)
  • Eldredd (English(
  • Aldred (Old English, English)
  • Hildifrid (Frankish)
  • Æðelþryð (Old English)


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