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Jociel seems to be a Spanish male name but one I can find very little information about. If I had to guess (and I am guessing) it could be related to Jocelyn, which originated from the name of a Germanic tribe called the Gauts, also known as the Gautzelin, meaning “little Goth” made up from Gaut (Goth) and a diminutive suffix; the former is derived from a Proto-Germanic root word *gautaz (Geat) likely from Proto-Germanic *geutaną (to pour) derived from a PIE root word. The name eventually became Goscelin and Gozelin in Norman French and than Jocelyn. It’s also possible that it derives from Josse, an Old French form of Latin Iudocus which comes from Breton Judoc meaning “little lord” via Breton iudh (lord, chief, king) with the diminutive suffix -an; the name Joyce derives from it. It later became associated with the Middle English word joise meaning “to rejoice”.

But as I said, it’s just a guess on my part and I’m not entirely convinced of its etymology. Looking it up online, I saw that it was used a lot for those with Spanish backgrounds and mostly men though I’ve also found a few women with the name as well. If anyone knows anything about this name and its origin please let know.

Nicknames: Ciel


Female forms:

  • Jocielle


2 thoughts on “Jociel”

  1. It looks interesting. Indeed quite as if it could be a form of Jocelyn. I’ve heard that there tend to be many Hispanic names that are made up from a combination of two other names, like Jomar for Jose and Maria or Yesuel for Yesenia and Manuel. So maybe the same could be here? Jose and Cielo for example?


    1. It’s the first time I’m hearing about that combining of names together in Hispanic culture. Jose and Cielo is an interesting idea though I’ve always pronounced Jociel with a hard j sound. Thanks for your input 🙂


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