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Lino is the Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Galician form of Linusthe name of a son of the god Apollo in Greek mythology. The name comes from Greek linos meaning “flax” of uncertain etymology though it could possibly be derived from a PIE root word. Lino is also a shortened form of names ending in -lino such as Angelino which derives from Latin Angelus. It comes from Greek angelos “messenger”, though it seems to have an older source, perhaps related to angaros (mounted courier) which might come from an Asian language, though it might also be related to Sanskrit ajira (swift). Lino is also a Spanish surname, deriving as an occupational name for someone who was a linen weaver, or it could have arisen from the given name Lino.

Origin: Ancient Greek, Sanskrit



  • Linus (Latinized Ancient Greek)
  • Linos (Ancient Greek)
  • Linas (Lithuanian)



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