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Phyllis is the name of a figure in Greek mythology, the daughter of a king of Thrace who was in love with a man named Demephon (or Acamas in some versions) who promised to return to her on a certain day. When he didn’t, she killed herself and was transformed into an almond tree. The name means “foliage” via Ancient Greek phúllon (leaf; foliage) derived from PIE *bʰleh₃- (to bloom, to flower, to thrive).

Origin: Proto-Indo-European

The vernal blooming of an almond tree.; Shutterstock ID 50755567; PO: COMMUNITY


  • Phillis (English)
  • Philis (English)
  • Phyliss (English)
  • Phyllida (English)
  • Phillida (English)


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