Rami is an Arabic male name and surname meaning “archer, thrower” which comes from Arabic ramy رَمْي (throwing, flinging shooting); or it could be derived from ram (رام) meaning “to aspire,  to wish, to aim at, to dream, to be ambitious”. However, ram (رام) is also a Persian word meaning “tame, meek, docile”. Rami is also from Hebrew Ram (רָם) meaning “high, exalted” as well as being a short form of either Rahamim, which could mean “compassionate” or “affectionate” or Yermiyahu, the Hebrew form of Jeremiah meaning “Yahhew has uplifted”.

Rami is also a Finnish male name, originating as a diminutive of Abraham (which comes from Hebrew meaning “father of many” or “father of multitudes”, though it could also be a contraction of given name Abram meaning “high father” with hamon (many, multitude) or as a pet-form of Raimo, the Finnish form of Raymond meaning “advice protector” or “counsel protector from Germanic elements ragin (advice, counsel) and mund (protector, protection).

Rami is also a word in Latin which comes from Latin rāmus meaning “branch”. Rami could also be used as a Japanese female name with a variety of meanings depending on the kanji used:

  • ra 来 “to come; due; next” + mi  refers to “the Sheep, the eighth sign of the Chinese zodiac;
  • ra 羅 “gauze; thin silk; Rome” + mi 海 “sea; ocean”;
  • ra 蘭 “orchid; Holland” + mi 美 “beauty; beautiful” (蘭美);
  • ra 良 “good, pleasing, skilled” + mi 実 “reality; truth” (実)
  • ra 楽 “music; comfort; ease” + mi 実 “reality; truth” (楽実)

Written in hiragana it’s らみ. There are other meanings depending on the kanji used.

Origin: Arabic, Hebrew, Proto-Indo-European, Japanese



  • Ramy (Arabic)




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