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Rocco is an Italian male name which comes from an Ancient Germanic element of uncertain meaning though I’ve seen several possible meanings for it: Proto-Germanic *hrōkaz (rook, crow), hrok (rest), rohon (to roar, shout). It’s also possible that Rocco is a variant form of Rocca, a locational name for someone who came from a place called Rocca, meaning “fortress, stronghold; rock”. Rocco is also a surname.

Nicknames: Rocky (English), Roc

Origin: Proto-Indo-European



  • Rocko (English)
  • Rochus (Ancient Germanic, German, Dutch)
  • Rokus (Dutch)
  • Roch (French, Polish)
  • Roc (Catalan)
  • Roko (Croatian)
  • Roque (Portuguese, Spanish)
  • Rok (Slovene)



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