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Wanda is a female given name of uncertain origin. It could have derived from Wend, the name of a Germanic tribe.  Though the etymology of the name is uncertain, it has been linked to Germanic *wandern meaning “to wander” deriving from Proto-Germanic *windaną meaning “to wind, to wrap” from Proto-Indo-European *wendʰ- (to wind, to turn). I’ve also seen it linked to Proto-Celtic *windos (white). In Polish legend, Wanda is the name of a princess, daughter of King Krakus, a legendary founder of Kraków, a city in southern Poland.

Wanda is also the name of an ethnic group in Tanzania as well as the name of their language. I’ve seen it listed as meaning “the people who cut grass”.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European, Proto-Celtic



  • Vanda (Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Portuguese, Italian)
  • Vonda (English)
  • Lawanda (African American)


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