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Reijo (pr. ray-yo; Forvo) is a Finnish male name, the Finnish form of Gregory, the English form of Latinized Greek form Gregorius deriving from Greek Gregorios meaning “watchful, vigilant, alert” from Greek gregoros ultimately derived from a PIE root word.

Reijo (pr. ray-jo) is also a Japanese unisex name with a variety of meanings depending on the kanji used (the ones with stars are used for girls only):

  • rei 玲 “tinkling; sound of jewels” + jo 女 “woman; daughter” (玲女) *
  • rei 玲 “tinkling; sound of jewels” + jo 如 “likeness; such as; to seem” (玲如); *
  • rei 麗 “lovely, beautiful; graceful; resplendent” + jo 女 “woman; daughter”; *
  • rei 令 “order; law; command; decree” + jo 肇 “beginning”;
  • rei  “spirits’ soul” + jou 城 “castle” (霊城)

There are other meanings depending on the kanji used. Written in hiragana it’s れいじょ. Reijo is also a Japanese surname.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European, Japanese



  • Reijou (Japanese)
  • Reko (Finnish)
  • Gregorios (Greek)
  • Gregorius (Latinized Greek)
  • Gregor (German, Scottish, Slovak, Slovene, English)
  • Gregorio (Italian, Spanish)
  • Grégoire (French)
  • Grigor (Welsh, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Armenian)
  • Gligor (Macedonian)
  • Krikor (Armenian)
  • Grgur (Croatian)
  • Řehoř (Czech)
  • Gregers (Danish, Norwegian)
  • Reko (Finnish)
  • Grigol (Georgian)
  • Gergely (Hungarian)
  • Gréagóir (Irish)
  • Grigorijs (Latvian)
  • Grzegorz (Polish)
  • Grigore (Romanian)
  • Grigori (Russian)
  • Grigoriy (Russian)
  • Grigory (Russian)
  • Griogair (Scottish)
  • Greig (Scottish)
  • Grega (Slovene)
  • Hryhoriy (Ukrainian)


Female forms:

  • Gregoria (Italian, Spanish, Late Greek)
  • Grigoria (Russian, Greek)
  • Grigoriya (Russian)


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