Marianne is a French female name, a combination of Marie (the French form of Maria, the Latin form of Hebrew name Miriam, a name of unknown meaning though possible meanings ascribed to it are “sea of bitterness”, “rebelliousness” or “obstinacy”, and “wished for child”. It’s also possible that it might be derived from an Egyptian name either meaning “beloved” from myr, or from mr “love”) and Anne ( the French feminine form of Anna, the Greek form of Hebrew Channah meaning “favor” or “grace”). In France, Marianne was the personification of France who symbolized liberty and reason.

Origin: Hebrew, Ancient Egyptian



  • Maryanne (English)
  • Mary Anne (English)
  • Mary Ann (English)
  • Maryann (English)
  • Marianna (Italian, Greek, Hungarian, Slovak, Polish, Finnish, English)
  • Mariana (Portuguese, Spanish, Romanian, Bulgarian, Ancient Roman)


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