Misha is a Russian male diminutive of Mikhail, the Russian, Belarusian, and Bulgarian form of Michael meaning “who is like God?”, a rhetorical question implying there is no one like God. Although used strictly a male name in Russia, it has had some use as a female given name in the United States.

Misha is also a Japanese female name with a variety of meanings depending on the kanji used:

  • mi  “beauty; beautiful” + sha 紗 “silk gauze; gossamer” (美紗);
  • mi 弥 “all the more; increasingly” + sha 写 “copy; to be photographed; describe” (弥写);
  • mi 海 “sea; ocean” + sha 沙 “sand” (沙);
  • mi 美 “beauty beautiful” + sha 沙 “sand”; (美沙);

There are likely other meanings depending on the kanji used. Written in hiragana it’s.   みしゃ.

Origin: Hebrew, Japanese



  • Mischa (Dutch, German, Russian, English)



  1. Awwww Misha! Misha is my Russian blue cat’s name, he is my best friend, and my everything, depending on an occasion. 😀 Of course I chose the name because of his breed and RUssian roots, and I chose it long before he came to live with us. It fits him really well and I don’t regret my decision even one bit, well the only thing I maybe regret a little bit is that now I’ve fallen in love with this name so much that I could even consider it for my potential future baby, but it would be really odd if I named a baby after a pet. I have tons of nicknames for my Misha, from basic Mishka and Mish to some much more elaborate and crazy ones.
    I don’t know how much all that is reliable, but I’ve also heard that Misha is an Indian feminine name and means “smile” in Sanskrit –
    I also know a girl called Misha who is Asian and claims that Misha means “pretty” in some language though she didn’t know which exactly so I guess that’s maybe more of a folk etymology or something. And I’ve also heard that Misha means “happy for the entire life” in Hindi. –


  2. I’ve seen the submitted name on BehindtheName but I couldn’t find anything for it being an Indian female name. I looked it up and muskaan मुस्कान is the Indian word for smile. When I tried to look up the translation of the script used for the name on it, for some reason it comes up translated as beard, whiskers, mustache. I’ve been to the sites you’ve been to but honestly, I don’t trust their accuracy which is why I didn’t put any of that information in. Also, when I looked up Muskaan, it came up as the name of an Indian movie and TV series which features characters named Muskaan so I’m assuming that’s the name which means smile, not Misha.

    However, it turns out that I did miss something about Misha which I’m going to update soon; it turns out it can be used as a Japanese female name.

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