Isadora is a variant spelling of Isidora, the feminine form of Isidore which comes from Ancient Greek Isidoros meaning “gift of Isis”, Isis being an Egyptian goddess combined with Ancient Greek doron (gift) .

Nicknames: Isa, Dora, Izzy/Izzie

Origin: Ancient Egyptian, Proto-Indo-European



  • Isidora (Ancient Greek, Spanish, Portuguese, Serbian, Russian, Italian, English)
  • Izadora (English)


Male forms:

  • Isidoros (Ancient Greek)
  • Isidorus (Late Roman)
  • Isidore (French, English, Georgian, Jewish)
  • Isidore (English)
  • Isador (English)
  • Isidor (German, Russian)
  • Isidoro (Italian, Spanish)
  • Isidro (Spanish)
  • Izydor (Polish)
  • Izidor (Slovene)


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