Ammar, Amar

Ammar is an Arabic male name meaning “long-lived” which comes from the same root word as Omar. While Amar is a variant spelling of the name, it’s also an Indian male name meaning “immortal”. Amar is also the Egyptian Arabic form of qamar meaning “moon” and can be used as an Egyptian given name for either gender. Egyptian Arabic is slightly different from the Modern Standard Arabic when spoken, accounting for slight differences in spoken language, such as Qamar being pronounced as Amar, or Jamal pronounced as Gamal (with a hard g sound) in the Egyptian dialect. Ammar/Amar is also a surname, both Arabic and Hindi, deriving from their respective given names.

Amar is also a Mongolian word meaning “rest, bliss; peace, peaceful”.

Origin: Arabic, Sanskrit, Proto-Altaic



  • ‘Ammar (Arabic)



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