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Matthias is a male given name, a variant of Matthew which comes from Hebrew Mattityahu meaning “gift of Yahweh” made up from matan (gift) and yah, the contracted form of Yahweh. Matthias is also a surname originating from the given name.

Origin: Hebrew




  • Matthew (English)
  • Mathew (English)
  • Matthaios (Biblical Greek)
  • Matthias (English, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, French, Biblical Greek)
  • Matia (Basque)
  • Mattanyahu (Biblical Hebrew)
  • Matthithyahu (Biblical Hebrew)
  • Mattityahu (Biblical Hebrew)
  • Mattheus (Biblical Latin)
  • Matey (Bulgarian)
  • Mateu (Catalan)
  • Matej (Slovak, Slovene, Croatian, Macedonian)
  • Mateo (Spanish, Croatian)
  • Matija (Slovene, Croatian, Serbian)
  • Matouš (Czech)
  • Matěj (Czech)
  • Matyáš (Czech)
  • Mads (Danish short form of Mathias)
  • Mathias (Danish, French, German, Swedish, Norwegian)
  • Matthijs (Dutch)
  • Matti (Finnish)
  • Matias (Finnish, Portuguese)
  • Matéo (French)
  • Mathéo (French)
  • Mathieu (French)
  • Mathis (French, German)
  • Mathys (French)
  • Mate (Georgian)
  • Matthäus (German)
  • Mattias (German, Swedish)
  • Makaio (Hawaiian)
  • Máté (Hungarian)
  • Mátyás (Hungarian)
  • Maitiú (Irish)
  • Matteo (Italian)
  • Mattia (Italian)
  • Matas (Lithuanian)
  • Motiejus (Lithuanian)
  • Matteus (Swedish, Norwegian)
  • Mateusz (Polish)
  • Maciej (Polish)
  • Mateus (Portuguese)
  • Matheus (Brazilian Portuguese)
  • Matei (Romanian)
  • Matfey (Russian)
  • Matvei (Russian)
  • Matvey (Russian)
  • Motya (Russian diminutive of Matvey)
  • Mateja (Serbian)
  • Matúš (Slovak)
  • Matevž (Slovene)
  • Matic (Slovene)
  • Matías (Spanish)


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