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Claude is a French unisex name, the French form of Claudiusan Ancient Roman family name which could be related to Latin claudus meaning “lame, limping; cripple) which seems to be derived from a PIE root word, or perhaps from a pre-Greek origin. Claude is also a French surname originating from the given name.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European


Male forms:

  • Claud (English)
  • Klaude (English)
  • Klaud (English)
  • Claudius (Ancient Roman)
  • Claudio (Italian, Spanish)
  • Cláudio (Portuguese)
  • Klaudio (Croatian)
  • Klaudijs (Latvian)
  • Klaudiusz (Polish)
  • Claudiu (Romanian)
  • Claudi (Catalan)


Female forms:

  • Claudie (French)
  • Klaude (French)
  • Claudine (French)
  • Claudette (French diminutive of Claudius)
  • Claudia (Ancient Roman, English, German, Dutch, Swedish, Italian, Spanish, Romanian)
  • Klaudia (Polish, Slovak)
  • Klavdiya (Russian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian)
  • Klaudija (Croatian)
  • Claudette (French, English)
  • Claudine (French, English)
  • Cláudia (Portuguese)
  • Klavdija (Slovene)
  • Gladys (Welsh, English)


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