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Emery comes from an English surname, the Norman form of Emmerich, a Germanic male name. While the second element of the name comes from ric meaning “power, rule”, the first part of the name is a little more complicated. It could be from Germanic ermen meaning “whole, universal”, amal “work, labor” (which would make it a variant of Amalric), or heim “home”.

Emery is also the name of a rock mineral (corundite) used to make abrasive power. The origin of this name comes from Old French émeri via Old French esmeril from Late Latin smericulum derived from Ancient Greek smeris (abrasive power) which seems to be of pre-Greek origin of unknown meaning.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European, Ancient Greek



  • Emory (English)
  • Amery (English)
  • Emerie (English)
  • Amerie (English)
  • Emmerich (German, Ancient Germanic)
  • Émeric (French)
  • Imre (Hungarian)
  • Imrus (Hungarian diminutive of Imre)
  • Amerigo (Italian)
  • Américo (Spanish and Portuguese form of America)
  • Imrich (Slovak)
  • Amaury (French)
  • Amalric (Ancient Germanic)
  • Emelrich (Ancient Germanic)






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