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Louis (pr. loo-ee in British English and French, loo-is in American English) is the French form of Ludovicus, the Latinized form of Germanic name Ludwig, from Ancient Germanic Chlodovech, meaning “famous battle” or “famous in battle” derived from Germanic elements hlud (famous) and wig (war, battle). Louis is also a surname originating from the given name.

Nicknames: Lou, Louey/Louie

Origin: Proto-Indo-European



  • Lewis (English)
  • Loïc (French, Breton)
  • Ludovic (French)
  • Ludwig (German)
  • Lodewijk (Dutch)
  • Chlodovech (Ancient Germanic)
  • Clodovicus (Latinized Ancient Germanic)
  • Ludovicus (Latinized Ancient Germanic)
  • Clovis (French, Latinized Ancient Germanic)
  • Hludowig (Ancient Germanic)
  • Koldobika (Basque)
  • Lluís (Catalan)
  • Alojz (Slovene, Slovak, Croatian)
  • Alojzije (Croatian)
  • Alois (German, Czech)
  • Ludvík (Czech)
  • Ludvig (Danish, Swedish, Norwegian)
  • Ludoviko (Esperanto)
  • Lois (Galician)
  • Loís (Occitan)
  • Alajos (Hungarian)
  • Lajos (Hungarian)
  • Lúðvík (Icelandic)
  • Alaois (Irish)
  • Aloisio (Italian)
  • Alvise (Italian)
  • Lodovico (Italian)
  • Ludovico (Italian)
  • Luigi (Italian)
  • Luigino (Italian)
  • Ludis (Latvian)
  • Ludvigs (Latvian)
  • Liudvikas (Lithuanian)
  • Aloys (Medieval Occitan)
  • Aloysius (English)
  • Alojzy (Polish)
  • Ludwik (Polish)
  • Aloísio (Portuguese)
  • Luís (Portuguese)
  • Luisinho (Portuguese)
  • Luiz (Brazilian Portuguese)
  • Luis (Spanish)


Female forms:

  • Louisa (English, German, Dutch)
  • Louise (French, English, Danish, Swedish, Dutch, German)
  • Lovisa (Swedish)
  • Lovise (Danish, Norwegian)
  • Luise (German)
  • Luisa (Spanish, Italian)
  • Luiza (Polish, Romanian, Brazilian Portuguese)
  • Lluïsa (Catalan)
  • Alojzija (Slovene, Croatian)
  • Alojzia (Slovak)
  • Loviise (Estonian)
  • Loviisa (Finnish)
  • Louisette (French)
  • Louiza (Greek)
  • Lujza (Hungarian, Slovak)
  • Ludovica (Italian)
  • Luigia (Italian)
  • Luigina (Italian)
  • Luisella (Italian)
  • Liudvika (Lithuanian)
  • Ruiha (Maori)
  • Ludwika (Polish)
  • Luísa (Portuguese)
  • Luisina (Spanish)
  • Luisita (Spanish)


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