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Oriole is the name of a family of passerine birds. The name comes from Old French oriol which derives from Latin aureolus meaning “gold, golden”, a diminutive of aureus (gold) via Latin aurum (gold) which derives from a PIE root word.

Nicknames: Ori

Origin: Proto-Indo-European



1 thought on “Oriole”

  1. Wow I hadn’t heard it as a name before! Orioles are my favourite birds, so I really love it. Here in Poland we have a lovely folklore name for an oriole, it’s zofij(k)a, it’s an old name and almost not used now, it comes from that when people heard orioles sing it sounded for them like they were singing Zofija (which is an archaic form of Zofia). My sister’s name is Zofia and I usually call her Zofijka, so I was very nicely surprised to learn about that orioles are, or used to be, called like her.


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