Marlow comes from an English surname, originally used as a locational surname for someone who came from a place called Marlow. It’s made up from Old English elements mere (lake; ocean, sea) and Old English lafe (leavings, remains) essentially meaning “remnants of a lake”, perhaps in reference to an area where there had been a lake that was trained. It’s also possible that Marlow is a variant of Marley, another English locational surname- the second element comes from Old English lēah meaning “wood, woodland, clearing, meadow”, while the first part of the name is trickier. It could be made up from Old English mǣre (boundary), Old English mearþ (“pine” marten), or Old English myrig (pleasant).

Origin: Proto-Indo-European



  • Marlowe (English)
  • Marlo (English)
  • Marley (English)


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