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Adina is the name of a minor figure in the Old Testament, the name of a (male) soldier meaning “slender” written as עֲדִינָא though it’s also used as a Hebrew female name written עֲדִינָה meaning “delicate, gentle, fine”. I’ve also seen it listed as a Romanian feminine name, possibly a short form of Adelina, a variant of Adela, meaning “noble” from Germanic element adal (noble).

Origin: Hebrew, Proto-Indo-European


Male variants:

  • ‘Adinah (Biblical Hebrew)
  • Adin (Hebrew)
  • Adeen (Hebrew)


Female forms:

  • Adeena (English)
  • Adelina (Romanian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Bulgarian, Ancient Germanic)
  • Adela (Romanian, Spanish, English, Polish, Ancient Germanic)



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