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Carmelita is a Spanish diminutive form of Carmel which comes from Hebrew meaning “garden” or more accurately “vineyard of God” from Hebrew kerem(vineyard) and el (god).

Origin: Hebrew



  • Karmelita (English)
  • Carmel (English, Hebrew, Spanish)
  • Carmen (English, Spanish, Italian, Romanian)
  • Carmina (Spanish, Italian)
  • Karmina (Spanish)
  • Carmela (Spanish, Italian)


Male forms:





1 thought on “Carmelita”

  1. I LOOVE Carmela and Carmel, Carmelita is lovely, sweet and dynamic too, though I’m not quite as fond of it just because it sounds like the Polish word “karmelita” – Carmelite brother – which gives it a sort of less feminine feel when you look at it from Polish perspective, and makes me think of someone very ascetic. 😀


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