Cyprian is a shortened form of Cyprianus, a Roman family name meaning “from Cyprus”, given to someone who came from the island of Cyprus in the Mediterranean Sea. Cyprus comes from Ancient Greek Kupros derived from an unknown origin, possibly pre-Greek, although there have been several theories suggested:

  • it could be related to the word cypresswhich derives from an unknown pre-Greek Mediterranean origin, perhaps related to Hebrew gopher/gofer, the name of the wood used to build Noah‘s ark;
  • it may also be derived from Sumerian zubar (copper) or kubar (bronze), likely named for the copper reserves found on the island.

The island of Cyprus has also been associated with the Greek goddess Aphroditesupposedly because she was born near it, though other versions have her born near Cythera; Cyprian is also used as an adjective which refers to someone who is lewd or licentious, likely associated with a prostitute. Cyprian is also used to refer to someone who came from Cyprus, also known as Cypriot.

Cyprian is also a surname, likely a locational name for someone who came from Cyprus.

Origin: likely pre-Greek



  • Cyprianus (Ancient Roman)
  • Cyprien (French)
  • Cipriano (Italian, Spanish, Portuguese)
  • Cibrán (Galician)
  • Cebrián (Spanish)
  • Cyprián (Slovak)
  • Cyprus (English)
  • Cyprius (Ancient Greek)
  • Ciprian (Romanian)
  • Kyprianos (Ancient Greek)
  • Cipriànu (Sardinian)
  • Ciprijan (Croatian)
  • Kyprian (Russian)


Female forms:

  • Cypriana (Ancient Roman,
  • Cipriana (Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian)
  • Cyprus (English)
  • Cypria (Ancient Greek)
  • Cypriáne (French)
  • Cypriane (French, English)
  • Cyprine (French)
  • Cyprienne (French)
  • Cipreanna (English)
  • Kypriana (Ancient Greek)
  • Kypriani (Greek)



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