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Aida (pr. ah-EE-da) is an Arabic female name meaning “returning, visitor” which derives from an Arabic root word meaning “to return, to come back”; it’s also the eponymous name of an opera that premiered in 1871, given to an Ethiopian princess captured by the Egyptians set somewhere during the time of the Old Kingdom, somewhere between 2686–2181 BC. I’ve also seen it listed as coming from Italian meaning “happy” but I’m not too sold on that. Of course, Aida could also be considered as a variant spelling of Ida.

Aida is also a Japanese surname written with the kanji 会田 “meeting, gathering + rice paddy, rice field” or 相田 “mutual, reciprocal; appearance, look + rice paddy, rice field”.

Origin: Arabic, Japanese



  • Ayda (Arabic)
  • Ajda (Turkish)
  • Aïda (French)
  • Aída (Portuguese, Spanish)
  • Ayidah (Arabic)
  • Ayeeda (Arabic)
  • Ayeedah (Arabic)
  • Aeeda (Arabic)




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