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Eteri is a Georgian female name meaning “(a)ether, air”, and eteri is also a Catalan and Italian word meaning “ether” which comes from Latin aether (upper, pure bright air; the heavens; the upper world) via Ancient Greek aither (heaven; aether) derived from PIE root word *h₂eydʰ- (to ignite; fire).

The Eteriani (the tale of Eteri) is a medieval Georgian folk romance based on two lovers Eteri and Abesalom. They love each other and want to marry but Abesalom’s father, the king, refuses to allow the marriage. A courtier, Murman, is also in love with Eteri and sells his soul to the devil so that the marriage between Abesalom and Eteri does not happen. He also makes Eteri very ill and manages to persuade Abesalom that the only way Eteri can be saved is if he gives up on her and allows Murman to marry her instead, since he has the only remedy to save her, and Abesalom reluctantly agrees- and ends up dying since he can’t live without her. Eteri kills herself and the two are buried together, however Murman buries himself alive between them so that even in death he’s still an obstacle to their love. A hedge grows between the tombs, keeping apart a rose and violet growing from the tombs of the lovers. An opera by Zakaria Paliashvili called Abesalom and Eteri is based on this folk romance, as well as a poem written by Vazha-Pshavela in the mid 1880s.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European


Eteri- ეთერი (Georgian)



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